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Happy Ugadi To Each & Everyone

Wishing each and everyone Happy Ugadi!!!!

Our Temple and offerings to God for Ugadi festival

This is our first Ugadi in our new house and I wanted everything to be done the same way how my amama (grandmom) used to do when we were kids. So in the morning I did a Rangoli infront of our door and tied Thornham to the door.
People usually ask me why do I make the design (they refer rangoli) in front of my house? When I was a kid my grandmom explained me that there are two reasons to make the rangoli infront of your house, the first one is to welcome the good luck and prosperity into the house and second thing is to feed all the small insects or bugs on this planet (In the olden days they used to make rangoli with rice flour specially during festival time).

Rangoli For Ugadi

Thornham on our Front Door

Finally done….looks good….

Finally done with the Rangoli and tying the thornham on the front door of our house

Lighted Insence sticks and clay lamp infront of tulasi plant (The Tulsi plant is found in every Hindu home) and performed puja to have a good and prosperous year for everyone.

Incense Sticks For Puja

Gathered all the 6 ingredients for Ugadi pachadi which is a special authetic dish reflecting all the six flavors (shadhruchulu) of the ingredients. It’s also said that it represents the six tastes of life.The six flavors are the neem buds or flowers (for bitterness), Jaggery (sweetness), Raw mango (vagaru), Tamarind juice (sourness), Chillies (hotness) and Salt.As it is the beginning of the New Year and spring season, it’s also the arrival of the new harvest like mangoes, tamarind, jaggery and neem flowers.

Ugadi Pachadi Ingredients

Hubby dear started making the Ugadi Pachadi…

Hubby dear is in the process of making Ugadi Pachadi

Prasadam (Mango Pulihora, Mango Thurmu Pachadi and Bakshalu) is food that has first been offerings to God.

Prasadam (Mango Pulihora, Mango Thurmu Pachadi and Bakshalu) To God

Gods in the temple

Finally we all sat together and elders members of the family performs the Ugadi Puja.Fresh flowers and incense sticks adorn the altar in the households. Wish everyone happiness, peace and prosperity in life. After performing the puja we all consumed the Ugadi Pachadi and delicious food. Happy Ugadi everyone again!!!

Our Temple

To learn more about Ugadi Festival click here


2 comments on “Happy Ugadi To Each & Everyone

  1. Venkat
    March 26, 2012

    My dear’s festival spirit is incredible and it was a very nice celebration. We enjoyed all aspects of it.

    • Shruthi
      March 26, 2012

      Thanks dear….I enjoyed it too 🙂

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